Tuesday, December 7, 2010

how do you know if the guys being a sincere?

QUESTION : If I like this guy but I don't want to seem as the aggressor, i would not go out with anyone unless he liked me more than I liked him. What are the signs that a guy is interested and not just trying to use a nice young girl for "practice"..

ANSWER: There are a few ways you can tell, but you've got pay close attention and be perceptive. Sometimes its easily to get sucked up into that "cloud 9" feeling when you really like somebody. Here are a few tips:

How has he treated women in the past in any of his prior relationships? Has he been nice, or has he been a jerk?

How does he treat his mother? This can be a really good indicator about how he treats women in general. There isn't a person that a man should show more repect for than his mother.

How does he treat other people in general? Does he have a tendency to be rude and obnoxious to everyone except you, or is he polite and courteous? If he's only being nice to you, its probably not a coincidence.

Is he generally a honest guy, mature, responsible, and disciplined?

There are ways to tell if a person takes their life seriously in general, and that may give you a clue about how seriously they would take you. Can they hold down a job? Do they do anything constructive with their free time, or do they just party and hang out and smoke weed?

Also, good advice from close friends, parents, or others who you have a good relationship with is very important. people who are close to you probably advice.

Lastly, there is always an element of gut instinct. What does your gut tell you? Not any wild fantasies about him being being a knight in shining armor and getting a beautiful house with a white-picket fence. What does your sheer gut instinct tell you?

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